Who is suitable for hair transplant surgery?
Not everybody is suitable for hair transplant surgery; potential clients need to have sufficient quantities of what is called ‘donor dominant’ hair. Donor dominant hair follicles are located in the fringe section and are the healthiest follicles, typically found on the sides and back of the head.

Those clients with sufficient quantities of donor dominant hair, will be the best suited to the hair transplant procedure; if there are not enough donor follicles to cover whichever part of the scalp is balding, then the transplant may not be as successful. That said, with advances in techniques nowadays, more and more people are becoming eligible for this kind of procedure.

Young patients can be treated medically when they are in the early stages of baldness; not only preventing further baldness from occurring, but also to encourage hair growth. A hair transplant may also be a viable solution when young adults find themselves suffering from depression as a result of hair loss, or are struggling to cope with other social pressures related to their baldness.

Elderly patients may also find themselves to be suitable candidates for hair transplant surgery, provided their hair is healthy and the donor area is of a high enough quality.

Underlying health conditions may have to be taken into account for potential clients of all ages.

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