Why pay $3-5/graft when you can come to India and do FUE at less than $1/graft

Medical tourism in India is an exciting option for many patients across the globe. Most of them are visiting India specifically for hair restoration and hair transplantation therapies. The reason is quite obvious – quality services at cheaper cost! In general, it costs more than $10,000 for hair transplantation surgery of 3,000 F.U.s in US. The same thing can get done for around $3,000 in India including the travel expenses. Even the hair therapy medicines cost less here. It would cost you about $100 in India, where as in US, it costs somewhere around $1,400. You can save a considerable amount of money.

Not just this, you can explore the beautiful and charismatic country popular for its monuments, culture, spirituality, food and more.

Hair Pro of Hyderabad, India welcomes patients from around the world. Come here just for some 2-3 days, get hair transplantation done, spend a decent weekend and return back.

Hair Pro is located in the safest place in India – near the IT hub in The Hyderabad City – where technologists from various parts of the world work. Hyderabad is a melting pot of culture and technology. There are many historical places, monuments, shopping malls, major amusement parks, all in close proximity. You can find the places of interest and other information with just a click.

We provide convenient appointments for patients coming from abroad. You can schedule an appointment by sending your photos through mail or through Skype.

Upon your arrival to Hyderabad city, a member of our staff will greet you at the Rajiv Gandhi International airport, Hyderabad. If you haven’t made any arrangements to stay, we can help you with that.

On the first day, our surgeon will speak to you and explain about the process and will prepare you for the surgery. The next a full day FUE session will be held where some 4,000 hairs will be transplanted. In some cases a second day’s session is required.

Contact us at +91 9505 903 869 or care@hairpro.org for more details and specific instructions.