We often think of women as being more focussed on their outward appearance, but several recent studies have shown that today’s modern man is just as concerned with how he looks, as women are. This is also reflected in the increase of men’s grooming products available on the market.

It can be seen in a positive light, that men are taking more pride in their physical appearance and as a result of this, are more inclined to pursue a healthy lifestyle, but it can also weigh heavy on them emotionally; men can find themselves feeling the same pressures as women to maintain what society deems to be an attractive or ideal body image, and when they can’t maintain it, depression and other psychological disorders may begin to creep in.

Many men, when faced with the question of which part of their body they are the least happy with, will often reply with ‘my hairline’ and as hair loss affects a high percentage of men, we can safely say that many of them will be struggling with the emotional side effects of this, such as low self-esteem.

There can be several different reasons why men suffer from hair loss, but the impact upon their life is generally the same; they begin to feel less attractive to others, it may make them feel older or even less sexually virile than they felt before they began to lose their hair, and they are generally less confident in everyday life.

Hair transplant technology has made so many advances that men now at least have a solution to the problem of hair loss, and no longer have to face life with low self-esteem and the myriad other psychological issues that go hand in hand with baldness. Procedures have become easier and clinics specialising in hair transplants are widely available today, giving men far more choice of treatment than they’ve ever had before.