Hair is the most precious gift for all of us which not only helps us to look good, but easily change our personality by changing or modifying the same. Surely, they are valuable, but most of the time we can’t handle lots of hair issues associated with the same. Hair problems, like- hair fall, thin hair, grey, rough, split ends and various others easily create a lot of problems in our lives and due to NO KNOWLEDGE we can’t expect caring it all in a better way.

Whatever the reason is- heredity, stress, poor diet, pollution or any other, but we should always take good provision in advance to stop it up completely, as it will definitely not good if our hair fall leads to balding. In order to reclaim your lost hair, there are various solutions available in the market, thus, always open up your eyes, check out everything and go with the best one for quick and fantastic results. If you are unable to control your hair fall issues, look NO FURTHER and just rush to the best dermatologist for expert suggestions.

These days surgical hair transplant becomes a very hot topic which we can take into the consideration in the hope to stop hair fall and regain hair quickly. As hair transplant is a permanent and one of the most recommended solution for your hair problems, hence, must know more about the same- its cost, overall procedure, duration, precautions and everything else to get a great push. Coming to the procedure, in order to understand surgical transplant, absolutely, it is mandatory to check hair transplant procedure and preparations. Here they are-

Procedures before surgical hair transplant

Before your surgeon will go with hair transplant, there are some pre-procedures are needed to be done like- clicking ph0tographs as well as making a document of the extent of hair loss so that later it can be compared and can easily check the improvement by the same treatment. Apart from this, these photographs and documenting will also use to determine the areas of thinning hair which needs to be treated first. Once it will be done, next comes to the donor who is donating hair for your hair transplant, the surgeon will select an area which will be prepared to remove a strip of hair after giving donor anesthesia.

Follicular units preparation

Next in hair transplant procedure, once the donor’s tissue is removed, clinical team immediately work on the preparation of the follicular units for the placement. In this, donor stripes are needed to be grouped into some units which consist of 1 or 2 hair follicles to plant.

Final showdown

Once follicular units have been prepared, now it is a time to place the same one by one in the affected or areas of thinning. With the help of anesthesia, this procedure is started which later carry on with minor incisions which are made in the scalp for placing follicular units. Professional surgeon very well knows how to perform this task so that later a patient gets an amazing natural look along with fantastic finishing.

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