Moustache Transplantation – Moustache Like Original
Having stubble of beard and moustache can add to your charm as a man. But due to some unavoidable reasons you might end up not having moustache at all or facing a problem of hair loss in your moustache. The cause can be anything from rogue hormones to a scar that has caused hair loss in a particular area of your moustache. Whatever is the cause, if you want your moustache back, or want to grow moustache, we are here to help you.

What is moustache transplantation?
We are a team of professionals and experts in moustache transplantation. Moustache transplantation is very similar to hair transplantation on the scalp whereby hair from your scalp would be taken to transplant into your moustache. Hair for moustache is taken from the scalp and not from anywhere else in the body since the hair in anywhere else in the body is not as thick as the moustache. However, the characteristics of the scalp hair from the moustache hair would differ and hence re transplantation might be needed after a few months.

Would the moustache look like original?
The result of proper moustache transplantation is immediate and if done by an expert using FUE technique or the Follicular Unit Extraction technique, even a professional hair dresser would not be able to tell the difference between transplanted moustache and original moustache.

You can also choose the density of the moustache and the time taken to complete the full transplantation procedure would depend on the density of the moustache you want. But do not worry our team of transplantation experts would make sure that you get back or get a new pair of moustache as soon as possible.

Hence what are you waiting for? Get a new pair of moustache or get back your lost moustache today by contacting our team of transplantation experts. We would have a thorough consultation session with you to understand your needs and offer a solution that would be most suited for you.