Irrespective of gender, age, race or nationality people throughout the world suffer from hair loss and this problem has only increased over the years. While rogue hormones are one of the biggest reason for hair loss, lifestyle choices also has a lot of effect.

Hair loss, if not treated early on can lead to baldness as well. The baldness can start to show as a receding hairline from the front, a thinning crown or patchy baldness on the scalp. To treat hair loss, it is important to find out the reason for the problem first and once the root cause is identified, the treatment can be started.

Depending on the stage of baldness you are on, you can choose to opt for surgical procedures like hair transplantation or you can also opt for therapeutic non surgical procedures like Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP and Mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy has proven to be an effective alternative treatment that can cure excessive hair fall problems as well as baldness in both males and females. It is a procedure that regulates the various essential nutrients like protein, vitamin and other nutritional ingredients that are essential for hair growth in the scalp. Thus, this procedure not only stops hair fall but enhances new hair growth.

Mesotherapy procedure
The procedure is done by using an injection to inject the various kinds of nutrients and boosters in the affected area of the scalp, near the hair follicles that requires rejuvenation. The procedure is done in such a way so as to cause minimum pain to you and if done by an expert professional, most of the time anesthesia is not required either. This is a process that is not only fast but also completely safe and natural that would give you voluminous, dense, long, healthy and strong hair.

This procedure is done by injecting the nutrients through an injection gun into the mesoderm layer of the scalp, hence the name mesotherapy. Usually the treatment takes around eight sessions with each session lasting about half an hour every week.

You need to keep patience in order to see visible results. This treatment is considered safe and pain free, however, you need to consult our experts first to ensure that you do not have any allergic reactions later on.

Why Hair Pro for Mesotherapy
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If you are suffering from baldness or uncontrolled hair fall and do not want to go for any surgical methods, let us solve your problem with mesotherapy. You would have a mane full of hair in no time at all.