While hair adds characteristics to your personality, losing strands of hair for no apparent reasons can really cause a lot of distress. However there is no need to feel disappointed and lost since there are several ways to deal with baldness and hair loss. You can go for initial hair loss treatments and if nothing works, there is always hair transplantation.

However it must be kept in mind that hair transplantation is not the same for both male and female. It differs in terms of process and the methodical approaches. While the male hair loss is seen either in bald patches at different parts of the scalp, for females, the hair starts thinning from the hair parting.

Types of hair transplantation
To cope with tremendous air loss, you can try applying over the counter topical treatments like Minoxidil. It can either stop the hair loss or slow down the hair loss process. However if it does not work, you can opt for the hair transplantation which can be of two types. They are the conventional strip transplantations which deal with removal of whole patches of skin from different parts of the body and getting them grafted on the scalp and the other one is the more modern approach to hair transplantation that involves Follicular Unit Extraction.

Follicular Unit Extraction removes healthy hair follicles from the sides of the scalp and is implanted into the bald patches of the scalp for better results and also to make it more permanent on the scalp.

It is also to be noted that female hair loss is reversible in most cases. Female hair loss can result from hormonal imbalances, crash dieting, vaccines, physical or mental trauma, stress, pregnancy etc. Usually topical treatment on the scalp works fine for the females.

And there is always hair transplantation which is a permanent and a viable solution. But it must also be remembered that for both male and female hair loss, time is of high essence. The sooner you are able to notice the conditions and the causes; you must make an attempt to opt for a medical intervention. This will save you time, money, effort and of course your natural hair.

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