Beard Transplantation
Having stubble of beard is considered to be quite manly by quite a few people. And in some cultures like here in India, it is imperative to have beard for a man to prove his masculinity. However, sometimes the hormone can play spoilsport and you can end up having no beard at all or very rare beard that only causes humiliation.

Do not worry since we are here to help you grow a beard that would be hard to discern from original beard. We would give you beard transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction procedure, which has proven to be effective in providing original look alike beard that would also grow like normal beard.

What is beard transplantation?
Like hair transplantation, beard transplantation too follows the same principle i.e., hair is transplanted in an area that is lacking hair by taking donor hair along with the roots from another body part. In this case, if you have rare beard in a certain part, hair is taken from a denser bearded part or a part like cheekbone or the nape or
near the chest area, which is not that visible and transplanted on the rare part.

The procedure does not leave behind any scar from where the hair is taken; only a little redness for a couple of days and after that no one would be able to tell that you have had beard transplantation. However, it is a procedure that requires patience as well as expertise and hence should be done by a specialist.

Would the beard look like original?
The transplanted beard would not only look like original but would grow like original beard too. Initially, after a couple of weeks you might lose few strands of transplanted beard but this is normal and is known as shock loss. The beard you lose would be re transplanted after around 4 to 8 months time, after which you would have your beard like original.

You can trim and shave your beard like normal once the whole beard transplantation procedure is complete. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you wait for at least 6 months before shaving your transplanted beard for the first time.

Hence if you are suffering due to no beard or have areas that have rare beard growth due to a scar or for whatever reason, instead of suffering silently just contact us. We ensure that our team of professional hair transplantation experts would have a solution that would be perfectly suitable for you.

A consultation with our experts would be the first step to know and understand how much density of beard you are looking for and then you can go ahead with the transplantation procedure. Within no time at all, you would have beard that would be the envy of men around you; this much is for sure and our guarantee.