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Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad

Whether you are looking for hair restoration for aesthetic reasons or possibly due to an injury, you are at the right place. At Hair Pro, we specialize in hair transplantation for both men and women, and we can perform hair transplants on almost any part of the body. Our surgeons bring years of professional expertise to the practice of hair restoration.

We use the most advanced techniques to provide you the most effective hair re-growth treatment. With our hair transplant you can dye and cut your transplanted hair without any worries. That is the reason Hair Pro is considered as the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad.

Visit our plush, yet welcoming clinic at the heart of Hyderabad City for hair transplantation that is more efficacious and less painful.

Our Offerings

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Eyebrow Transplantation

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Beard Transplantation

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Why Hair Pro

A Personalized Hair Transplant For You

As every person is different, the hair loss is also different. We design hair loss treatment according to each individual’s specific needs and based on age, gender, hair loss pattern, in addition to your budget.

Natural Looking Hair Transplant Results

At Hair Pro, we have a high quality surgical team that has performed hundreds of hair transplantations. Our surgeons can deliver up to 90 grafts per square centimeter enabling you having dense natural looking hair.


We make sure that we exceed the standards of safety procedures used in other clinics. All our equipment is advanced and we take every measure to prevent infections and transferable diseases.

Painless Hair Transplantation

Almost every patient who visited our clinic had hair transplant experience as a regular haircut. Thanks to our skilled surgeons. Except for a touching or pressure sensation, you will not feel anything in general.

No Wastage of Donor Hair

We understand the importance of precious donor hair. We use the most accurate methods to estimate the donor area required and avoid wastage of donor hair.

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  • I found that all of the staff at this facility were highly professional and instantly put me at ease about proceedings. I had been thinking about having a hair transplant for many years but have always put it off. Now, I’m thankful that I finally got around to doing it and the difference it has made to my confidence levels, is incredible. Family and friends have found it hard to believe that I am the same person! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this clinic to others.

    Ajay Kumar Hair Transplantation
  • I didn’t know that there was anything I could do about my baldness, and when somebody mentioned hair transplants to me, my first thought was that it would be too costly. It was actually not too expensive at all, and it has given me back the confidence that I used to have before I started losing my hair. I am not vain, but I like to look my best and to keep up with the younger men who have full heads of hair!

    Mahmood Kanna Hair Transplantation
  • I had transplant procedure almost a year ago now, and for approximately 3000 grafts. I am overjoyed with the results and wish I had done this sooner. Doctor and staff were excellent in their manner and procedure itself was almost painless, just a little minor discomfort.

    R.Sujith Hair Transplantation
  • Since moving to India a few years ago, I’d seen adverts for this clinic and wondered if I ought to try it out, especially as my hair seemed to have been receding at an alarming rate! My friends and family all advised me not to have it done, as they said that having such a procedure done overseas (I’m from the UK) is dangerous and that the doctors are not to be trusted… well they couldn’t have been more wrong! The doctor himself was really professional and knew his stuff; his team were also very knowledgeable and friendly. It was all over and done within a day, and I’m really happy with the results. My receding hairline has disappeared and I can look forward to a healthy, hairy future!

    Andrew Barlow Hair Transplantation
  • Friends told me that I’m too young for a hair transplant, but the specialist at the clinic told me that as the hair that I do have, is good and thick, it can easily be used for a transplant. I had it done just 5 months ago, so the hair is not completely grown, but it soon will be. Having a bald spot was making me miserable and now I feel like I can carry on with life and not have to worry about it.

    Vijay Madhu Hair Transplantation
  • Many years have passed since I was first getting baldness, in fact it began in my college years and got worse. Now, at the age of 68, I feel as young as my sons, and if such a treatment had been there all of those years ago, I would have considered it then. I can look to the future and know that no longer will I have to worry about losing all of my hair. I would like to commend the doctor and his staff as they treated me like royalty, and the whole procedure went smoothly from beginning to end.

    Mr. Siva Kumar Hair Transplantation
  • Hair transplant surgery is not at all painful and does not take up much time. I had it done recently and so will not know how it will end up, but to know that soon I will have a full head of hair again, makes me feel excited. I hate hospitals and the thought of surgery used to terrify me, but this is all done in the comfort of clinic so there is no need for hospital stay. The staff keeps you calm and I even read several chapters of a book while I was being treated. Then I was back in office next day. Clean and professional clinic, excellent staff.

    Nirmal Balasubramanian Hair Transplantation